Action. Progress. REAL Results.
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  • My Simple Approach to a Healthy Eating Lifestyle
    My Simple Approach to a Healthy Eating Lifestyle
    Let’s talk about food. Why? Because I love it so much. Most people do. If there is a way to live off of Italian pastas and all kinds of chocolates and cakes while still looking and feeling great … I’d be the first in line for that program. But, the fact of the matter is: […]
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  • Why Coaches NEED Coaches
    Why Coaches NEED Coaches
    Maybe it was the cold weather starting to get to me. Or maybe it was a bad case of some over-spicy Mexican food. Or the bourbon the night before. Or even all of the above. But something was off. I was missing something. What was supposed to be a normal training session in the gym […]
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  • Do THIS instead of THAT: exercise “swaps” to make TODAY
    Do THIS instead of THAT: exercise “swaps” to make TODAY
    Functionality.   It’s one of those hot-button buzz words in the world of fitness. While I do think trainers tend to go overboard in their usage of this word, I must say there is some truth to ensuring your workouts include functional movement for complete efficacy. When we talk about being functional in terms of […]
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Action. Progress. REAL Results.

Welcome to the health and fitness revolution.  The Real Focus Fitness principles were designed for men and women tired of high-priced gyms and the confusing (and often contradictory) health and fitness information spread across the Internet. It’s time to uncover the REAL truth to living a healthier lifestyle with solutions that are time efficient, cost effective and proven to generate results.

The systems we reveal here are designed specifically to help busy men and women such as students, executives and parents with young children to get the most results in the least amount of time.


Vision and Mission

Educate and empower individuals in leading a healthy, fitness-focused lifestyle.

Our Philosophy

Ensuring a client-centered approach to health and fitness that educates the REAL truths that the fitness industry refuses to share.

Services we offer

Our online coaching program offers both training and nutritional programs designed to unlock the most effective methods to reach your health and fitness goals.

Our Commitments

YOU. We commit to you with 100% client satisfaction, or your money back.

The Only Place Where There’s a
Real Focus on Fitness

Don’t Limit Your Potential to Other People’s Schedules

Busting Fitness Myths

It’s information overload. There is just so much out there about health and fitness and losing weight and gaining muscle and everything in between – from how to get it done in three minutes to following along with a 90-minute DVD seven days a week. Heck, the Nightly News just had a story about a new pill that’s proven to help overweight monkeys drop some excess pounds … oh yeah … here we go.

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How to Fix a Broken Diet

Explaining proper nutrition from the so-called experts out there usually amounts to quick soundbytes:

  • “Eat less. Move more.”
  • “Stick with eating whole foods.”
  • “Don’t eat anything from a bag or a box.”

All really great advice, but they only scratch the surface on how to apply real-life approaches to diet and nutrition.

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Benefits of Online Coaching

Wouldn’t we all love to just hire a nutritionist and personal chef and a personal trainer to whip us into Brad-Pitt-in-Fight-Club kind of shape? Of course. But those results come a high cost in dollars and and even time.

This is where the digital world comes into play. Online coaching can cut costs and actually allow for more freedom in this 24-7, nonstop world.

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