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Benefits of Online Coaching

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The wake up call for me came at a doctor’s appointment. The scale read that I was 40 pounds overweight.

Time to go to work and focus on my fitness and nutrition. Armed with the right information, I did just that … and got into the best shape of my life.

But this isn’t an article designed to let me brag about myself.

So many of us are waking up to these same alarms and ready to finally stop hitting snooze and start getting down to business. But, how on earth to get started? That’s the question.

Wouldn’t we all love to just hire a nutritionist and personal chef and a personal trainer to whip us into Brad-Pitt-in-Fight-Club kind of shape? Of course. Qualified trainers can be valuable and productive in helping clients lose fat and develop. But those results come a high cost in dollars and and even time. Working with a trainer means scheduling in-person appointments that you may not be able to keep, because life just sometimes gets in the way.

This is where the digital world comes into play. Online coaching can cut costs and actually allow for more freedom in this 24-7, nonstop world.

A few additional benefits:

Flexibility – kiss the appointments and scheduling goodbye. Too many of us are so slammed with work and family and just life in general to have to worry about another calendar invite to keep with our in-person trainer. Working with an online coach provides the convenience of scheduling your own time to workout. You are not locked into a time or a location and the coach will accommodate your program to fit into your lifestyle.

Cost – for a fraction of a cost, an online fitness coach provides the same level of expertise and qualifications as the in-person trainer. Sure, you will miss out on the experience of meeting face-to-face, but this also comes at a pricing premium. Through emails, Skype sessions and non-stop feedback, you’re liking to receive more interaction with an online fitness coach than you would from a few hour-long sessions with an in-person trainer.

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Personalization – programs are custom made to meet your individual needs. This is not some plug-it-in-and-press-play, one-program-fits-all approach to coaching. Online fitness coaches work with you to determine goals and develop an effective solution to meet them. This includes a comprehensive diet and fitness plan designed specifically for you … and no one else.

Nutrition – Many in-person trainers do not provide nutritional programs. The bottom line with any fitness goal is that a holistic approach is needed. Training alone won’t get you there. Only a sound and personalized nutritional strategy combined with a sound and personalized strength-training program leads to real progress. Six-pack abs are made in the kitchen. Store that lil’ nugget away. With proper diet and nutrition, your training routine will never amount to the progress desired.

Tracking – Online coaching programs work with you to monitor and keep records of weekly and monthly progress. Only through accurate record-keeping will we be able to successfully meet goals and see real, meaningful progress. Positive results lead to a positive experience. That reinforcement provides the encouragement you need to continue the program and create a lifestyle of health and fitness – whether that be just dropping a few sizes, or taking it all the way down to six-pack abs. Once you have reached your goal, it’s all about harnessing that momentum to maintain the new you. But it all begins with tracking. We won’t know what to tweak and what to keep unless we write it all down.

There are a lot great trainers out there. But unless that trainer is leveraging both fitness and nutrition, he or she is only doing a partial job … and you will only see partial results. Online coaching provides the best of both worlds and sets you up for long-term success, not just some get-slim-quick scheme to slam in that bikini in time for summer. Although, let’s be honest, that’s pretty awesome. Buuuuut, we want to make sure you can still fit in that bikini even in the cold months, too.

These are just a few of the endless advantages of hiring an online coach, like the one here at RealFOCUSFitness. Our programs are highly effective in keeping you healthy, strong and happy.

Good health allows you to live a full and active lifestyle both now and in the future.

Apply to join the RealFOCUSFitness coaching program HERE.

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Pete Cataldo is a former television sports anchor that has taken his passion for fitness and turned it into his career. As a Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Turbulence Trainer and Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, Pete is an expert in helping clients burn fat, lose weight and get in the best shape of their lives.
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