NYC Fitness Guru Starts Movement Saying Hell NO to Gyms on January


Picture it: January 2nd. Fresh off that brief holiday hiatus, you are back in the gym to do some heavy-lifting, medicine-ball-tossing, treadmill-interval-running damage on those cookies and Cinnabons you ate at Grandma’s last week.

Ah yes. The gym. It’s like your sanctuary. If you miss leg day you feel like you should be sacrificed to the carb gods and forced to endure an episode of the Biggest Loser as penance.

But as you step foot into your kingdom of pumptitude, it’s like Time Square just dumped all of its New Year’s Eve festivities on your squat rack.

Whoa. Hold the phone. Who the hell are all of these people?!

It happens every year. “New Year = New YOU” promotions mean big business to the fitness industry. And in all seriousness, we’re not faulting our favorite gym owners, because it IS a business after all. And a very profitable one at that.

But the problem is, the long-time gym goers are usually left high and dry while with onslaught of fresh blood, crowding up the floor and taking all of the equipment.


We see the same cycle every 365 days.


The New Years’ specials run. Peeps get all excited and commit to this being the year that they finally dump that gut and shred those abs. Or my favorite one, “I just want to tone up a bit”. So they make that resolution, sign up at the gym and dust off that workout gear only to hit the weight room and eventually get all up in your way.

And usually, you take it. Because you know that if you can endure until Valentine’s Day, when all of the noobs realize that getting a six pack takes more time and dedication than two weeks, what they thought and decide to drop out, you get your old stomping grounds back to yourself. The sanctuary is once again, YOURS.

Let’s change that right now make this the year that we all band together and say “hell no, we won’t go” … to the gym.

Dude. Slow your roll. I didn’t say let’s all get fat off freaking cupcakes and sit on our couch doing nothing. I’m proposing a movement. A movement that means moving more outside of the gym so you don’t have to even step foot into that maelstrom.

Ready to ditch your membership after getting sexified by my plan?

Phenomenal. Just don’t tell them it was my idea when you cancel. Never had a gym membership? Awesome. No need to start now, either. This isn’t just a concept, this is a movement!

For so long many of us have schlepped to the gym and endured the cattle herd of new members. We’ve put up with crowded locker rooms, waited an eternity to use the pull up bar, and scowled while someone took their sweet time wiping their sweat off of equipment (and still missing spots.)

Again, I’m not saying this is a free ride to order another bin of holiday popcorn that’s now marked down 50%. Not at all. And you don’t even have to say “hashtag” when you yell this battle cry at the top of your lungs!

But first, who am I?

Why listen to me at all?

Let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Pete Cataldo. I’m a fitness trainer, nutrition coach and fat loss guru. I have experience in transforming bodies from fat to fit. The road isn’t an easy one, but it’s one that works and does not waste your time.

As a personal trainer, I totally get it. Yeah, this is the perfect time of the year to grab new clients. Trainers like me make a killing financially off of the surge of fresh meat. But, it comes at a cost.

You see, this time of year is actually a blessing and a curse.

For every hour I spend in a complimentary session teaching new gym-goers the ropes as part of the special “New Year Sign Up to Shape Up” package, I’m missing out on the valuable time I could be spending with my core clientele that have been with me since the jump. Sure, because I’m awesome and I get results, January allows me to meet great people who eventually sign up to work with me. But, there is a great percentage of these fresh faces that will not be around for long.

This is cash-cow time for gym managers and time to wrack in the dough. And wrack in the dough is exactly what they do. Memberships can increase as much as two-fold during this timeframe. But it’s really only this way for a relatively short amount of time. There’s a window here that we are going to capitalize on with the #NoGymJan program: January 1st to February 15. In fact, some gyms see a drop in traffic of almost 15-percent right after Valentine’s Day.

So, six weeks. Hang with this program for a month and half and you will have endured the worst possible time to be in the weight room.

Ladies. Gentlemen. And peeps that just love to get in shape. It’s time we take back January and claim this month as the month we say no more.

No more waiting for the noob to finish his fifth set of bicep curls in the squat rack. No more sitting back and taking it when your local gym decides to price gouge to capitalize on more foot traffic. Hell, no more going to the gym, period.

Oh yeah … and I’m not just the coach, I’m also a client (queue silly hair-loss product joke here).

See, I know what it’s like to be lost and confused and just plain ol’ outta shape. I’ve been there before: stressed out, depressed, letting the everyday rigors of the 40, 50, even 60 hour workweek get to me. I turned to eating as my crutch.

Working late? No worries, just grab some fast food.

Stressed out? No big deal, food would lighten the mood.

Don’t feel like cooking? Awesome, let’s just order delivery.

See, I know what it’s like to get so wrapped up in everyday life that you forget what it means to actually live your life and focus on the most important thing: YOURSELF.

A guy that was so healthy in my 20s was letting stress and craziness of my early 30s take over. 

I knew I was a little chubby. But, I didn’t realize how bad it really was until the chest pains came and forced a trip to the doctor. I was more than 40 pounds overweight. My Body Mass Index (BMI) was simple, yet shocking by its one word result: obese. Whoa.

For the first time in my life, a doctor was telling me that my weight was dangerous and it was time to drop some pounds.

Lucky for me, I had the knowledge to pull up my big boy pants and get to work.

I worked my butt off to drop almost 40 pounds of belly fat to my current size. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been.

And now I’m ready to share my secrets to help you feel the same way.

The #NoGymJan program is based on Metabolic Resistance Training or MRT. For those new to this type of training, first of all: welcome back from your cave … you made it! Second of all: welcome to the revolutionary formula that will get you ripped.

MRT is a principal that takes advantage of compound movements with little to no rest in between the exercises. The short rest periods maximize calorie burn and boost metabolic rate, both during and after the workout. This period of recovery is just enough to allow for as close to maximum performance in that next period of intense work. And that is what we should all be aiming for: maximum performance.

So basically MRT is like this glorious recipe that combines the holy grail of fitness into an effective muscle-building, fat-shredding sandwich.  

Sure, you can burn X amount of calories by performing 45 minutes of long, slow, boring cardio on the dreadmill or the stair-master or whatever, but the key to long-term and effective fat burning lies in a more efficient approach that sufficiently taxes your muscles.

This type of training has also been widely considered as a boost to calorie burning throughout the remainder of the day. In other words, a 20-minute MRT session may only burn 300 calories on the surface, but it keeps the body in a fat-burning state through the rest of the day, whereas steady-state cardio does not. That’s an additional 23 hours of fat burning potential that we are now tapping into here.

This is called Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), some call it Afterburn.

The #NoGymJan program is designed to capitalize on the Afterburn effect by building some muscle, burning some fat and then maximizing the marriage of both to lead to real results in less time than it takes to jog on the treadmill.

I can sit here all day and tell you how my plan has worked for me, but instead I want you to hear it from other real people living real everyday lives! No, they aren’t rich and famous, and no they don’t own their own home gym.

These folks work every day. They have schedules, families, jobs, kids! Like you, none of them wanted to waste their time with silly schemes that didn’t work. And like you they probably tried a few just to see what would happen. These folks now have the tools they need to stay on the right track.

They all saw results that count!

Busy dad who travels often gets the weight off and keeps it off

benny"Bad habits and a crazy travel schedule for work had me looking in the mirror and not looking at the guy staring back at me. But now I’m in the best shape of my life!"


Orlando, FL

Mark2“I’ve tried everything from using my wife as an accountability partner to hiring a personal trainer and nothing has ever produced results that I’m looking for.  Working with Pete was not only an eye opening experience but it made getting fit simpler and enjoyable that I am now just watching the weight come off everyday.”


Brooklyn, NY

After countless diets and workout videos, Erin finally broke through her plateau

erin“Working with Pete, I was finally able to discover how to drop unwanted weight successfully without crazy fad diets, wacky workout videos and calorie calculators. As a busy mom, this plan was perfect because the workouts were short, but effective and the nutritional guidelines were simple and easy-to-follow. Pete provided constant help and most importantly, he kept me accountable so that I made consistent and long-lasting progress."


Macon, GA

Now before I go any further, I should tell you what you are NOT getting by signing up for #NoGymJanuary.


This isn’t a program that tells you no equipment necessary and then in the same breath says you need dumbbells, a pull up bar, and a swiss ball.


If you’ve ever had to stop working out or take a break from a program because it was hurting your knees, this is NOT that kind of program. In fact, an entire phase of this program is dedicated to preparing your body for safe amounts of jumping exercises. 


This is not like other programs. No equipment required means just that. This program is also NOT for the social gym rat. Granted, I like giving a friendly nod to the gym front desk like anyone, but if you’re the type that treats gym time as mingle time, this is NOT for you.

I’ll tell you who this program IS for.

It’s for the person that wants to start the year off right and not put up with over-crowded gyms and lines for the water fountain.

So what can you expect? Simple…

A 30-day, cutting-edge, step-by-step workout plan that offers a huge variety of fun and challenging ways to burn pure fat every 14 days (only 80 minutes per week).

How a Firefighter and Paramedic Stays in Shape Year-round

Anthony“I’m way too busy to be spending hours in the gym day in and day out. Pete personalized a plan for me that gets results and keeps me looking and feeling great. I need to be in tip top shape so I can perform at the highest level in my field as a firefighter, and Pete’s workouts do just that for me.”


Tampa, FL

Included in this system are the workouts you’ll need to burn fat, build muscle, look sexy and save some time and energy by avoiding the overcrowding at the gym.

You can crush these workouts just about anywhere: in your living room, at the park, in your garage. Anywhere you see fit!

And they all use minimal equipment. In fact, some of the workouts don’t use any equipment at all.

This plan can be done WITHOUT an EXPENSIVE gym membership!

You like dumbbells? We’ve got you covered with four weeks’ worth of programming to keep you entertained and keep your muscles screaming for mercy.

Don’t have anything except some space in your apartment and the willpower to get in super-hero shape? I get it. Speaking from someone who has had a wonderfully space-less New York apartment, I know how cramped things can get. Throw in a few kids, their toys, some pets, and say good-bye to any workout gear!

That’s why I’ve included bodyweight-only movements you can perform anywhere – the perfect stand-alone routines if you don’t have equipment OR when you hit the road and still want to get in a workout from a hotel room.

Put everything together in this guide and it’s more than two months worth of workouts.

Just in time for your gym to run that $1 “Spring Back to Fitness” special in March.

By dedicating yourself to this program you just successfully side-stepped those former high school jocks who just bought a month’s supply of Brand X protein powder on sale and are “Ready to rock”. And of course check out the hot girls while they’re at it.

Sitting out during the first month of the year by no means you have to sacrifice all the hard work you hope to bring back under all the holiday bloat.

In a sense, you can have your workout cake and eat it too!

Why not?  Put yourself first! Start the year off on the right foot. Get away from the stresses of having to stand in line for the bench press! No more searching for a free locker. Why go into a panic when you see six sets of un-racked weights sprawled about on the floor like toys just because someone wants to work on increasing weights at each set. The entire time you silently yelling “That’s not how this works! That’s not how any of this works!”

Mike wanted his energy back. He knew he was too young to feel this lethargic

“It’s been a total blast working with you, Pete. The workouts are fun, and most of all, they are effective. My muscles are on fire for hours after my training sessions are over. You keep things simple and easy to follow by tailoring my diet and workouts for my specific goals and updated as I progressed. I’ve continued to see fat melt away while strength and muscle improves and now I’m getting closer and closer to my ultimate goal of being below 10% body fat.”

Mike C,

Atlanta, GA

I can sit here all day and list a gazillion reasons (that you already know) why heading into the gym on January 1 is NOT a good idea. Search your feelings. You know this to be true. Instead, don’t skip a beat and get into gear on YOUR OWN TERMS!  Take back control of your fitness schedule.

Work out at a time that is best for YOU!

Don’t schedule your day around weird off-peak hours that aren’t feasible for regular people!  And even then you STILL manage to find extra newbies that have the same idea. It’s a no-win situation and you don’t have to take it anymore. Take a stand now starting with #NoGymJanuary. Feel good right out of the gate with no delay. Leave the anxiety, frustration, and sheer madness of packed gyms out in the January cold.

The First Lady of Real Focus Fitness, my Gorgeous Wife

Gets in Great Shape without Stepping Foot in a Gym

Angela BA“I’ve always had an easier time staying in shape but I spent too much money on gyms and wasted too many hours on treadmills and ellipticals.  Pete showed me how I could do everything I needed to do in the comfort of my Manhattan apartment.  He pointed out that this is a lifestyle change I could actually do.”


New York, NY

By singing up to join the movement of #NoGymJanuary, you are getting a workout regimen that’s been proven to keep you accountable, on track, and burning fat for the entire month! Once February hits and the waters part for you once again, feel free to return to the place you know and love.


Do something now before it’s too late.


Don’t let the snow on the ground fool you--we may be in the middle of winter, but spring will be here blink of an eye; and if you haven’t started by then...well, it’s probably too late to really be in the type of shape I KNOW you strive for..

Time to shed those sweaters for the start of beach season. You don’t want to be stuck still holding that holiday weight all because a few hundred gazillon people decided to give their two week trial a go do you? NO! It ends now.




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Q: Dude. This is awesome and I can’t wait to get started. Will I need to wait for this product to be shipped to me before I can begin training?

A: No waiting at all. You can download this entire program immediately after your purchase. Which means you can start skipping the gym and using these workouts today. No shipping fees. No waiting for results.

Q: This looks like a program for younger people. Will this work for someone considerably older? 

A: Absolutely! Age is nothing but a number, right? I’ve had plenty of people in their 50s and 60s experience amazing results with these workouts. The program is designed to boost metabolism, build strength and burn fat – three results that you can see no matter age.

Q: What equipment do I need for these workouts?

A: There are two main programs in the #NoGymJan package: one workout system that requires dumbbells and one system that is bodyweight only. It’s perfect for those who have limited space in their home or want to travel on the road. I’ve been known to perform some of these no-equipment, bodyweight-only workouts from hotel rooms when I’m away from home.

Q: Is #NoGymJan designed for men, women, or both?

This system is perfect for anyone looking to avoid the crowded gym floor come January 1st. And that means men and women alike. The common misconception is that women shouldn’t train with weights, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Some of the my best clients are women who have use my training to see fantastic results.

Working Mom Who Finally Got Back to Her Pre-baby Weight

MichelleBA“My weight has fluctuated before but after my second child I was having a hard time getting my weight to come back down.  Pete was able to point out where I had to make some tweaks and after just two months I not only passed my goal of getting back to my pre-baby weight but the pounds just keep shedding off.”  


Columbus, OH


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