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Taking a Break From the Plan


Conference calls and emails and meetings and work travel and social engagements and kids and family outings. We are constantly on the go and busy as hell.

Sometimes we all need to just hit the pause button and take a breather.

So, with Spring finally making it’s way to New York City, my wife and I took full advantage over the weekend. About an hour north of the city we found an awesome bed & breakfast for a few extra days of rest, relaxation and comfort at the Bedford Post Inn in tiny Bedford, NY.

[Cool fact: apparently this place is co-owned by Richard Gere. No, we didn’t see him. So, I really don’t have anything else to add here.]

Our weekend also involved wine. Lots of wine.

Anyways … see, it’s okay to enjoy a little “cheat” meal (or beverage) from time-to-time. My usual go-to is a glass of vino, particularly anything from Italy. 

It was a much needed break from the usual grind to enjoy some quiet time with my favorite person and let our minds and bodies recharge. We all need breaks like these, whether it’s getting some R&R at a B&B, hitting the beach for some fun in the sun, going for a hike, a hunt or whatever therapeutic activity works best for you to take a break from the action. 

The same goes for our fitness and nutrition, as well. Although, this is not a free pass to go stupid crazy on super-sized order of fried crap.

It’s important to remember that when we take these nutritional and fitness breaks and make time for ourselves by being “off the grid,” that our diet and exercise patterns don’t just completely fall off the grid with us.

That’s why our Saturday morning consisted of a short hike through the trail on the campus of the B&B and a 15-minute workout consisting of bodyweight-only exercises and a few sprints. We came away feeling awesome and a little more accepting of the croissants that were waiting for us back in the room.

When it came time to eat, it was open season on carbocide, but it was a careful balance of enjoying the benefits of an amazing menu full of goodies and still working in some staples: grabbing salads and side vegetables and leaner proteins when available.

See, it’s all about minimizing the potential damages. Don’t let cheat meals turn into cheat days that turn into cheat weekends that lead to us just falling off of the wagon altogether.

But, we should all spend some time living a little, right? That’s why I wasn’t too worried about sharing a few bites of a stupid awesome dutch pancake with fresh maple syrup. I mean, pancakes make everything better in life, right?

I also indulged in a few pastries, a handful of chocolates and some dessert made with sugary donuts dunked in a shot of espresso over gelato.

When it was all said and done, there was no guilt. There was no skipping of “Go” and not collecting $200 on my way to fat loss jail. I didn’t have to say 100 Hail Marys for committing carb sin.

It felt good to cheat a little bit. And I’m telling you it’s okay to do the same.

Too often, I see clients get into the rut of what is commonly referred to as orthorexia, or the excessive need to avoid all foods that may be unhealthy. It can lead to skipping out on social activities and events and just anything cool because of worry over essentially blowing up the diet.

I’ve been there, too. Setting up a night out with friends in hopes that they’d eventually cancel after realizing there was no way in hell I was going to be able to eat anything remotely healthy.

Any of these sounds familiar?

  • “Ah man, what the hell am I gonna eat at this hole in the wall?”

  • “No way my six pack abs situation is going to benefit from having a bunch of beer.”

  • “I’m going to pass on the slice of pizza.”

Don’t be that guy.

Football Sunday exists for the consumption of beer and wings and pizza and all things holy and sacred. So, have a few [obviously be safe and mindful when consuming alcohol, friends – let’s not end up on the wrong end of a Lifetime movie].

And no, this doesn’t give you the license to throw caution to the wind and choke down hot dogs like you are practicing to take down Joey Chestnut on July 4th, it does hopefully serve as a wake up call to anyone else worried about that damn birthday party on Saturday.

Cake is good. Enjoy a few bites of it. Don’t devour the whole thing. Then get back on the wagon on Sunday.

My wife and I wrapped up the weeknd with a brunch before hitting the train back to the city. Steak and poached eggs with a hollandaise sauce and a followed it up with some chocolates and marshmallows and candies.

It tasted good. And it felt good to taste something so freaking good. My mind is now recharged and body is feeling great and now I’m right back to being the health nut that I strive to be.

Life is meant to be lived. And I encourage you to live it to the fullest.

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